Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior that is intentional, hurtful, threatening and persistent. Children are especially susceptible to being bullied. A great way to handle bullying is with anti-bullying education. You can organize an anti-bullying campaign designed to teach the bullied children and any bystanders how to assertively but non-violently stop the bullying. One way to educate students about the ill-effects of bullying is with anti-bullying posters and other campaign literature such as flyer's and pamphlets. There are many poster designs that can be created. The best way to create an anti-bullying poster is to use your own experiences with bullies.

Step 1

Talk to your child about how bullying effects him as well as other people. Educate your child about how to handle bullying and have him write down all of his thoughts and feelings.

Step 2

Discuss with your child the best way to use drawings to tell others how bullying feels. Help your child come up with ideas such as a poster shaped like a "stop sign," a poster about friends sticking together or even a poster about how bullies don't always "look" like bullies.

Step 3

Ask your child to draw the concept on poster board, using markers, crayons or paint. Encourage "feeling" words and a message about why bullying is wrong.

Step 4

Hang the posters somewhere where they will all be seen by other children.