College textbooks can take a big bite out of your budget.

Whether you're a traditional student or an adult learner, enrolling in college marks a significant turning point in your learning life. However, the opportunity for intellectual growth comes at a price; high tuition costs may obligate you to apply for scholarships or borrow money. Further, you'll need textbooks on which students spend close to $700 annually, according to a 2013 article published in "The Atlantic." Leasing textbooks, rather than buying them, can save you between 50 and 80 percent off a textbook's cover price although how much you save depends on the vendor you use.

Open an account on the website of your preferred online textbook vendor. Enter information including your name, mailing address and billing information. Textbook sellers such as Barnes and Noble, CourseSmart and lease textbooks for as few as 21 days or the length of an academic quarter or semester. Your campus bookstore also may lease textbooks on its e-commerce site.

Browse your textbook vendor's catalog to find the books you wish to lease. Search the online catalog by author name, textbook title or ISBN. A local vendor, such as your college's online bookstore, may have textbooks listed by course number or instructor.

Add the textbook to your online shopping cart. Select the option indicating you wish to lease, rather than buy, the textbook. Select the number of days you wish to lease the book.

Pay for your leased textbooks and the shipping fee with a personal credit card. You'll have to use a credit card even if you're expecting financial aid or have received the funds in your personal bank account. Once you've finished using leased textbooks, whether you'll pay a return shipping fee, which varies among vendors.