Considering the valuable role of nurses in delivering quality healthcare, nursing programs focus on preparing competent nursing graduates. In this context, it is important to remember that mere academic qualification is not enough; nurses also need to possess other qualities that will help them perform efficiently. Nursing students therefore need to focus on certain learning goals that will help them essay their role in an apt manner.


Nursing graduates should have a sound knowledge of the theoretical bases of nursing practices. The goal of the teaching program, however, should not be a mere passing on of information. It is vital that nursing students learn the skill of adapting this knowledge to real-life patient care scenarios. Students should also familiarize themselves with the professional code of conduct that governs nursing care, especially with respect to legal and ethical aspects of patient’s rights.

Critical Thinking

For effective delivery of healthcare, nursing students need to develop a skill to think analytically. Nurses will often encounter situations in which successful patient outcomes will depend on the aptness of their decision. Strong critical thinking skills are also important to help nurses evaluate research findings and apply them in practical everyday situations. Considering the fact that nurses will work in different settings such as individual, group, family and community healthcare, they should be capable of judging which practices are most beneficial for a given situation.

Positive Attitude

The very nature of their role demands that nurses exhibit high emotional stability and continuous positivity in their interactions with patients and caregivers. Nursing students should therefore aim to cultivate a positive outlook and strong self motivation. This should reflect in their performance at both professional and personal levels through high academic achievements and superior interpersonal skills. Nursing students also need to develop cultural sensitivity to work well with patients from various racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Nursing students should aim at developing team spirit that will allow them to work in coordination with other members of the healthcare team. Whatever the healthcare setting they work in, nurses will need to show an ability to accept responsibilities and be accountable for their actions. Besides, they will also need to network with other clinical and non-clinical staff to ensure good management of available resources.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is a core competency that nurses need to build. An ability to express ideas and suggestions through speech and writing will be the basis of a successful career in nursing. Nurses should also be competent in the use of the latest technology for communication. This will enable them to gain insights by participating and interacting with other nursing professionals on various online healthcare forums.