How to Learn Statistics Online

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Statistics is a course that can be challenging, even for a student who has never struggled with math in the past. As a way to prepare for a statistics course or to further enhance your understanding of concepts, you may want to consider using online tutorials. These resources allow you to grasp different statistics concepts on your time and at your own pace. Use these three websites to learn different aspects of statistics and do so for free.

1 Learn statistics

Learn statistics by using the “Concepts and Applications of Inferential Studies” website offered by Vassar College. This website is similar to an online textbook. There are 17 chapters in all, and these chapters contain lessons, examples and even study questions. Once you log on to the site, you will see chapter links both on the left side of the web page as well as in a box in the middle of the page. Click on one of the chapter links to begin that particular lesson.

2 Visit the Stat Trek statistics tutorials

Visit the Stat Trek statistics tutorials website. There are different categories of links found on the left side of the home page. These categories include “Exploring Data,” “Planning a Study” and “Statistical Inference.” Place your cursor over one of these links, and a small box will appear with several other links. Click on one of those links to begin your lesson.

3 Use the HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook

Use the HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook to learn statistics online. The HyperStat website separates online statistics lessons into 18 different categories. Click on one of these links and you will be taken to a new page with a new set of links. Click on the first link to begin that lesson. Once you finish with that page, you can click the “Next” link to go directly to the next statistics lesson.

4 Log onto the StatSoft Electronic Textbook

Log onto the StatSoft Electronic Textbook. This website is similar to the one mentioned in Step 3. You will find different links for statistics lessons located on the right side of the screen. These lessons are listed in alphabetical order. Click on a link, and the lesson will load. You can click on the links at the top of the page in order to advance to different parts of the lesson. You can also scroll down the page to read through that entire statistics lesson.

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