If you don't speak English yet, you need to know how to learn to speak American English for free. You can easily learn how to speak English in your own neighborhood or move to a neighborhood where English is spoken as the primary language to learn even faster.

Free Courses

Look for some free English courses in your area. You may be able to find them at places such as the library and your local community center.

Community Center

Visit you local community center or library to find out when you can attend classes to learn to speak English.


Check online for free English courses to learn English as a second language.

US Embassy

Visit your local US Embassy to find out if they offer courses to learn English.

Look below in the Resources section if you need to more information on learning to speak English like an American.


Find a buddy to practice with. It is best if you can find someone that speaks English fluently.

It will be helpful if they are learning English also because they may be willing to practice with you for a longer period of time.

Live in the US

Move to a city in the United States of America to immerse yourself in the language.

You will learn to speak English quickly if you are surrounded by it every day. Do not move to a US city that primarily speaks another language.

Knowing how to learn to speak American English for free will help you to lose your accent.

Work in the US

Find a job in the USA if you can. If you are working at a business where all of the employees speak English, you will learn to speak it quickly and accurately.

Communicate with others as much as possible, even if you think that your English is not that good. The only way to get better is to practice. If you work in an environment that speaks English you will be forced to speak it everyday.

Participate in the Community

Volunteer or participate in your community as much as possible. You can take some classes in your community or work at a shelter. The experience will help you and others. Your English will improve dramatically and quickly.

If you need more information on how to learn to speak American English for free please look below in the Resources section.