Learning Spanish online is just a matter of settling on one of the many websites that claim to offer free lessons. As of 2011, there were at least 10 sites that offered everything from beginners to advanced lessons. Most of them were free, but some offered free trial options. Read the site rules carefully before starting any lessons.

Step 1

Shop around the many free websites for a lesson plan that works for you. One site, 123 Teach me, has links to a conversational course, a basic grammar course, and even a course in medical Spanish for Health Care professionals. Explore each site for specific lessons that apply to your situation.

Step 2

Check the site for an audio component. You should be able to hear the pronunciation of the words, and not all of the free sites have this feature.

Step 3

Try out the site for easy access. If you have trouble figuring out where to click to go to a first lesson, that site may not be the best for you. The site On Line Free Spanish has six colored tabs in the middle of the page. The tabs are listed as "Lessons,' "Activities," "Printables," "Dialogues," "Music" and "Articles." A click on "Lessons" takes you to a series of images under you can click on for an extended lesson on the subject. The "comida" link tells you comida means food. Click on Fruits and a voice will pronounce the Spanish word for each pictured fruit. It also shows you the spelling of the fruit.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Step 4

Check You Tube. Contributors have always posted Spanish lessons there. The drawback is you will have to form your own lesson plan.

Step 5

Devote a certain amount of time per day to spend with your chosen site. Even one hour per day can be effective. Supplement the online lessons with a Spanish-language dictionary and a spend a half-hour or so with a Spanish-language program online or on TV. Write down some words and phrases and search for those words in the online program.