In this article we will discuss how to learn how to read tarot cards free. Reading tarot cards can be a very interesting and challenging task. It takes time, study and practice in order to grasp the meanings of the tarot. Know beforehand that you will need to set aside time and have patience while studying this. Tarot is not something that can be learned in a day. However, for those willing to put forth the time and the effort to do this, reading tarot can be a very rewarding and interesting field of study.

Learning to read tarot cards can be done by anyone who devotes time and practice to learning the meaning of the cards and how to interpret them once a reading has been laid out. The first step is to obtain a deck of tarot cards if you have not done so already. It is not absolutely necessary, but a lot of people find it very beneficial to purchase a book on the individual meanings of the cards as well as how to lay out and interpret simple spreads. An excellent book for beginners is listed above. The Rider-Waite Tarot deck is one of the most well known decks and most lessons refer to this type deck as well. So purchasing this type of deck is recommended.

Open the tarot deck and lay out the cards individually. Each tarot deck contains 74 cards. 22 cards are considered the Major Arcana. The remaining 52 cards consist of the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana are cards that carry quite a bit of weight. They influence the determination of the reading more so than the minor arcana does. It is good to look over each card and familiarize yourself as to what each card looks like. Take your notebook and write down the meaning of each card. A simple summary will suffice and be a good reference for later viewing.

Start practicing doing some simple spreads at first. A lot of books and courses try to teach the Celtic Cross spread first. This is a lengthy spread and is very frustrating to learn for most beginners. Therefore you will be starting laying out 3 card spreads. First you will shuffle the deck with the question or concern that you would like to do the reading for. Tap the cards three times with your fingertips then divide the deck into three piles. Turn the top card over for each pile. This is a past, present, future spread. The first card relates to issues in the past. The second card relates to present conditions. The third card relates to future solutions or problems that can occur with your outcome.

Learning tarot can be a fun and interesting process. The key thing to remember while doing this is to be persistent. Practice this daily or as often as possible. The more comfortable you are with the cards, the easier it will be to glean the meanings from them.


  • Tarot cards should not be handled by many different people with cleansing them of others energy. It is best to put the deck in a dark fabric bag when not in use. Cleanse the deck by putting it in a sunny window for a day or lay a clear quartz crystal on top of the deck for several hours to release any negative energy that might be stored there.


  • Practice doing simple readings on others. Take the time to learn all you can about tarot and do not be afraid to ask questions if things are unclear or confusing. We were all beginners once and are happy to help others learn their way with this.