Eskrima is a form of Filipino martial arts. The art form was influenced by migrations of many different peoples to the Philippine Islands, including the Malay, Spanish, Arabs, Chinese and Americans. This martial art developed in secret after being banned by the Spanish for about 400 years. You can learn it a variety of ways online or in person.

Step 1

Read through information about Eskrima to learn about its styles and how it differs from other Filipino martial arts, on the Martial Arts Resource website.

Step 2

Watch videos of Eskrima online on YouTube. Search for "learn Eskrima" to find a list of videos. Some include "kaili sticks Eskrima," which demonstrate the use and effects of the sticks used in Eskrima fighting. Watch the videos repeatedly to see how the moves are formed and executed.

Step 3

Visit the Fight Authority website to see instructional videos of Eskrima knife and stick moves. Scroll to the bottom of the page and type in "Eskrima" for a listing of videos.

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Step 4

Read about the Empty Hands technique of Eskrima, on The Empty Hands of the Filipino Martial Arts website. This site contains diagrams to help you master this technique.

Step 5

Go to the TV Lesson website to learn the Eskrima defense take-down move by video. Search for "Eskrima" in the search box at the top of the homepage.