A career in marketing allows you to help a business distribute its products to people and understand what consumers are interested in. Before working in the field, it's typically required that you graduate with a degree in marketing. There are many marketing degrees that you can choose from, depending on what you want to learn.

Associate Degree in Marketing

An associate degree in marketing provides you with an introduction into the field. This degree curriculum covers topics such as marketing principles, consumer behavior, business and advertising. In addition, you learn how to market products to appeal to customers, how to price products to sell, and how to increase sales. The associate degree takes two years to complete. After graduation, you can gain entry-level marketing jobs, such as direct marketer.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

The bachelor’s degree in marketing offers you more education and training than an associate degree. With the bachelor’s degree, you take core courses, such as marketing principles, Internet marketing, advertising and strategies for competitive marketing. In addition, you must take business electives, such as economics, or general electives, such as speech or art. The four-year program prepares you for marketing jobs, such as product manager, product developer, market researcher or promoter.

Master’s Degree in Marketing

For additional education in the marketing field, you can choose between two types of graduate degrees: a master’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business with a marketing concentration. Both degrees are different than an associate or bachelor's degree in marketing. Unlike the undergraduate degrees -- which require you to take specific courses to graduate -- the graduate degrees are more flexible. You are allowed to develop your own course of study, according to Degree Directory. In addition, to graduate you may be required to complete a thesis. However, an MBA does have course requirements that focus on business management classes. The two-year degrees allow you to compete for jobs like product director, public relations manager and sales manager.

Doctoral Degree in Business Administration

The doctorate in business administration allows you to concentrate on marketing. The years required to complete the degree vary by school. You typically take classes such as business-to-business marketing, market research and consumer behavior theory. In addition, you must complete a dissertation. While you complete your courses, you may be required to teach undergraduate students. The degree prepares you to make more money in executive management marketing positions or move into teaching at the postsecondary level.