Your first impression, like it or not, is lasting. A person first forms her opinion of you within seconds of meeting you, which is why you should make it count. Many college professors give a short introduction about themselves on the first day of class. Before giving yours, think about what you want to say to provide your students with an accurate depiction of your personality and your goals for the course.

Step 1

Introduce yourself by stating your name, qualifications and education.

Step 2

Provide insight into your personality by explaining briefly what you expect from your students during the upcoming semester. Don't be harsh when explaining your expectations. Outline the positive expectations, such as learning something new and useful.

Step 3

Keep mum in your introduction about personal aspects of your life, particularly anything that is unfavorable. For example, professors should not provide personal details about their lives or families.

Step 4

Smile and maintain a friendly and engaging personality. The best way to earn respect is to come across as approachable and interesting.