The Standford Achievement Test, or as it is more commonly known, the SAT, is a standardized test used by schools in the United States to test the college readiness of high school students. The test is usually taken in the Junior or Senior year of high school, and score reports are provided to both students and colleges through the testing organization. The test is scored using two methods, and is first assessed as a raw score, then gets converted to a scaled score.

Locate your "Score Range." The score range is a representation of your knowledge base at the time of testing. If you have completed the SAT on several occasions, your score range will change with each additional testing session.

Read your "Average Score." Average scores are based on the SAT scores of individuals in the same graduating class across the United States. Students who take the test from a particular graduating year have their scores compared to other students who will graduate that year and have taken that test.

Check the "Percentile Scores." The percentile scores compare your score to the scores of other individuals who have taken the test. The percentage listed is the percent of people who you outscored. The percentile score is based on the scores of students who graduated in the year prior to when you complete your test.

Check your "Writing Scores." The writing test is in two sections: the written essay and the multiple-choice writing section question. The written essay is reviewed by two individuals and scored between zero and six by each individual. These scores are combined to give the essay a score of either zero or two through 12. If the scores of the two readers differs by more than one point, the essay is read by a third person. Multiple choice questions are counted one point for each correct answer. Incorrect answers are deducted from one-fourth to one-half of a point for each wrong answer based on the number of choices offered in the answer. Unanswered questions do not count against the total scores. After the total score is calculated, it is converted to a scale score that can range from 20 to 80.