While Tumblr has many flexible features for bloggers, its blogging platform lacks a native commenting feature. You can enable replies to your posts from other Tumblr users who have followed your blog for more than two weeks, but there is no built-in way for non-Tumblr users to comment at all. Disqus bridges that gap by providing a commenting script that works seamlessly with virtually all native Tumblr themes; you can quickly enable Disqus comments through your blog's settings.

Step 1

Visit the Disqus home page and click the "Add Disqus to Your Site" button. Follow the onscreen instructions to register a Disqus account, then click the confirmation link you receive in the email address you entered.

Step 2

Log in to your new Disqus account and click the "+Add" button on your dashboard. Create a site profile for your Tumblr blog by entering a name, and then selecting a desired shortname and category for your blog.

Step 3

Click the "Finish Registration" button to complete your blog's Disqus site profile, and then click the Tumblr icon. Copy the shortname displayed to your computer's clipboard.

Step 4

Log in to your Tumblr account in a separate browser tab, and visit your customization page by clicking the gear icon.

Step 5

Select the blog to which you'd like to add comments, then click the "Customize" button.

Step 6

Scroll down the customization settings and enter your Disqus shortname in the "Disqus Shortname" field.

Step 7

Click the "Save" button, then click the "Exit" button.

Step 8

Return to the browser tab with your Disqus installation instructions still open and click the blue "Verify" button to verify that you've correctly installed Disqus comments on your Tumblr blog.