Getting the most out of a teacher's class requires practice and technique. Whether you're in high school or college -- or even a business meeting -- it's never too late to improve your note-taking skills. Notes help you remember what you've heard and read. Master note-taking to improve your performance, grades and time management skills.

Step 1

Listen carefully to your instructor so you comprehend what she's saying. Use simple sentences or paragraphs to jot down important facts.

Step 2

Include any examples your teacher provides -- he may include this type of information on an exam or quiz.

Step 3

Write down details as clearly and as quickly as possible. Use standard abbreviations and symbols, such as " w/" for the word "with" and "abr" for the word "abbreviation."

Step 4

Develop your own abbreviations and symbols for words you use often. For instance, you may want to use "g" for "gas" if you're taking a science class.

Step 5

Skip unnecessary words, such as "the" and "a," when you take notes.

Step 6

Review your notes as soon as you get home to ensure you understand them. Rewrite your notes, if necessary, while your memory of the lecture is still fresh.