Improving your study habits will help you succeed, not only in academia, but in life in general. By improving your study skills, you improve memory and cognitive awareness as well as increase the likelihood you'll achieve better grades. Making the decision to improve your study skills will greatly influence your life for the better.

Prioritize your time and activity to make studying a high priority. Take the time you need to study every day regardless of outside interferences and distractions.

Work around the time that you're most productive. There isn't any sense in trying to study your hardest subjects at your least productive time of the day; you're setting yourself up for failure that way.

Create a comfortable and spacious place to study. Choose a location that allows you to spread out and work and a place where you're comfortable sitting for extended periods of time. Make sure there is adequate lighting and room to write and work on papers.

Set up small rewards for reaching goals. Remember that it takes time to develop a new habit, so set small achievable study goals and reward yourself for reaching then. This helps keep you motivated and feeling positive about making the improvements to your study habits.

Take frequent breaks during your study time. Short bursts of studying are proven to be more effective than hours of cramming. Get up and stretch, clear your mind and relax your muscles before returning to the books.

Review the information you're studying the same day you've learned it. By creating repetition, you strengthen the memory of what you're studying.

Repeat these new habits daily. By repeating them, you will create a new study habit and that will result in improved learning and grades.