Exactly how you share photos on Tumblr depends on the site from which you're importing the photos. Many photo hosting websites offer a set of features designed to make this sharing easier. This includes Flickr, although you need a Flickr account to take advantage of the feature. In addition, keep in mind that whether you can share a photo or not depends on the settings chosen by its owner.

Step 1

Log in to both your Tumblr and your Flickr account. On the Flickr website, hover over your avatar to open the user menu, and then select "Settings."

Step 2

Click "Sharing & Extending."

Step 3

Click "More Sites," select "Tumblr" and, when prompted, click "Allow" to connect Flickr to Tumblr.

Step 4

Select the Tumblr blog to which you want to post Flickr photos, and then click "Next" to confirm the connection. If you have more than one blog on which you want to share photos, repeat the process from Step 3.

Step 5

Click the "Share" button on the photo you want to import to Tumblr, and then select the Tumblr blog on which you want to post it. Adjust the post options to your liking, and then click "Post."