Tumblr provides a free microblogging platform for sharing multimedia content, supporting the creation of multiple public or private blog pages and the design of custom page layouts. Many Tumblr themes include a button for uploading a header image, but even themes without this button can be edited from the built-in HTML editor. Header images must be hosted on a Web server and referenced by a small line of HTML code, and Tumblr provides a free image hosting service for this purpose.

Step 1

Visit Tumblr and sign in to your account. Click the “Gear” icon and choose the blog you want to edit. In the Theme section, click “Customize.”

Step 2

Click “Upload” next to Header Image in the Appearance section, if your theme offers this option. Locate a file on your computer and click “Upload” to set the image as your blog's title. Image files can be in any format but must be less than 5MB.

Step 3

Visit the file upload page on Tumblr if your theme doesn't include an upload button (link in Resources). This page is strictly reserved for Tumblr theme assets, and uploading any other type of file can result in your account being banned. Click “Choose File” and locate the image file on your computer, then click “Upload.”

Step 4

Copy the file's URL from the text box that is displayed when the file is uploaded. Paste the copied text into a blank text file to save it for the next step or simply keep it stored in the clipboard. Alternatively, leave the file upload page open in a separate browser tab while editing your Tumblr theme.

Step 5

Step 6