The perfect ponytail will show off your natural volume just as well as any down do. As soon as your hard-earned locks are pulled up and hit with an elastic, you may find that they appear inches shorter and thinner than they truly are. Layered and textured hair is often the first to shrink up and get brushed out, as even a bad hair day is more glam than a stumpy ponytail. The illusion ponytail allows you to show off your long hair while it's up, or make shorter hair look a few inches longer. Work some magic on your locks for that full ponytail that's always been slightly out of reach.

Step 1

Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles.

Step 2

Place one thumb from each hand on each of your temples. Drag them under your hair towards the back of your head. Pick up all of the hair that falls above the two thumbs, and secure it on top of your head with a hair clip.

Step 3

Pick up all of the remaining loose hair and grasp it together at the root. Position it so it is in a ponytail at the back of your head, and the base is in alignment with the bottom of your ear lobes. Tie it into place with a hair elastic that matches your hair color.

Step 4

Release the top section of hair from the clip, and pull it into a ponytail that aligns with the top of your ears at the back of your head. Secure it tightly with a hair elastic that is the same color as your hair.

Step 5

Pick up 1/4 of the top ponytail from the far left side. Wrap it directly over the top ponytail's elastic, and then pass it straight down and wrap it under the bottom ponytail's elastic. Pull it around and back up over the top of the top ponytail's elastic again. Repeat until only 1/2 an inch of the wrapped section is visible.

Step 6

Pin the end piece of the wrapping hair under the newly joined ponytail, using bobby pins. This will make the two ponytails look like one.

Step 7

Hold a can of hairspray 10 inches away from the base of your ponytail, and apply one coat to keep it in place.