How to Write Thank-You Card Messages

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People write thank-you cards for business purposes as well as for gifts and services. The cards reinforce your appreciation of the other party's time and effort. Regardless of the purpose of the card, people want to hear how their consideration has impacted your life. Take time when writing your letter, because it will help establish a bond with the recipient and show her how much you care.

1 Get the right information

Get the right information. If it is a business thank-you card, research the recipient's direct office address and name. He won't want to do business with a person who cannot be bothered to verify the information. When your card is for a family member, be sure that she still has the same last name. Cards addressed with the last name of a previous spouse evokes bad memories and negates the intent of the card.

2 Purchase the appropriate stationery or card or for the recipient

Purchase the appropriate stationery or card for the recipient. Do not use an informal or casual card when sending a business card. Make sure your name and address is written at the top to remind the company of who you are. Likewise, don't send a funny card for a present that was intended to be serious. Choose the best tone for your letter.

3 Be specific in your card

Be specific in your card. Recount the meeting or date of any business transaction. For a personal letter, write about the gift and include details. For example, "I really loved the purple angora sweater with the white piping you sent me." It shows that you took notice of the thoughtful details of the gift.

4 Explain how the event

Explain how the event, present, gift, business meeting or dinner made an impact on your life. For a business meeting, "I knew this was a wonderful company prior to our meeting, but afterward my excitement level continued to grow over the prospect of working for this company." For a gift, say that the present continues to leave an impression on your life.

5 Write only a page

Write only a page. Do not go on and on about a present either in business or in personal letters. You want to be brief, friendly and to the point. End you letter on a high note, but do not make promises like "I promise to always wear this sweater when it gets cold" or "I promise never to let this company down." Such words ring hollow.