Only the top 20% of BUD/S candidates ever become Navy SEALs.

Basic underwater demolition/SEAL — or BUD/S — training is an uphill battle for nearly a year. Only those in peak physical condition will graduate and be placed on a SEAL team. Here is how to prepare for the monster that is BUD/S training.

Google Navy SEAls Warning Order and read it, breath it, live it. The warning order was written by the Navy to prepare men to pass BUD/S.

Around 80% of people who enter BUD/S fail. These men are all well trained and in great physical shape. You must always push yourself to do better than before. You must build mental toughness. BUD/S instructors emphasize "being a winner". People who succeed are rewarded. "Losers" are punished.

Eat right and train every day. Swim and run as much as possible without causing injury. There is a difference between working through being uncomfortable and working through pain. Do not train if you are in pain. Use RICE - Rest Ice Compress Elevate until it is safe to train again.

Competitive scores for the SEALs PST are as follows.

10 minutes or less 500 yard swim 78 push ups in 2 minutes 78 situps in 2 minutes 12 dead hang pull ups 10 minutes or less 1.5 mile run

Though it is important to score well. Many SEALs say that being able to pass the PST 3 consecutive time will better prepare you for BUD/S training. BUD/S is a marathon, not a sprint.