Use Hairspray for Self Defense

How to Use Hairspray for Self Defense. Hairspray is used to secure hair in its place and is often carried around by women in their purses. However, you can also use hairspray as a weapon of self defense. Although it is unlikely to do major harm to an attacker, it can be enough of a nuisance to give you time to get away from the person.

Keep the bottle uncapped in the bag. This makes it simple to get the hairspray out of the bag when you need it during an attack.

Distract the attacker, so that you can get the hairspray out of your bag. You may need to stomp on their foot to buy you some time to reach in the bag.

Spray the attacker in the eyes with hairspray. This is going to be the most successful way to use hairspray as a self defense weapon. Take the hairspray out of your bag and hit the button to get as much of the irritating spray in their eyes as possible.

Throw the can at their face. It is not likely to hurt them, but it may surprise them enough to give you time to run away.

Get away as quickly as you can. After you have used the hairspray, drop the bottle and run to safety while your attacker is distracted.


  • If you are worried about an attack, then you may wish to carry around a stronger spray like pepper spray or mace. These sprays are going to be more effective at temporarily blinding the person. If you have an aerosol can of hairspray and a lighter, you can use the hairspray like a flame thrower. However, this self defense method should be used cautiously since you can also get injured in the process.