How to Tithe 10 Percent to a Church. Tithing is a religious practice where 10 percent of increase is given to a religious institution. Although a controversial subject, tithing is a widely-accepted practice. Tithers believe this practice brings wealth, prosperity and good health into their lives. Whether it is done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, to experience the blessings tithers receive after giving, you should tithe 10 percent to the church.

Read scriptures that directly relate to the practice of tithing. This includes key scriptures like Genesis 14 where it talks about Melchizedek and the high priest order and Hebrews 7 where Abraham's way of tithing was discussed. For multiple other scripture references, type the word tithe into your search bar or find the words tithe or tithing in a concordance.

Determine what your tithing percentage would be on a routine basis. Calculate what you make in one week, multiply this amount by 10 percent and this number would be the dollar amount that you would donate to the church every week, two weeks or month. Some people even choose to tithe every 6 or 12 months.

Give your 10 percent tithe as often as you get paid or receive an income. This makes it easier to remember and easier to manage.

Write a letter of commitment to yourself and insert it into your Bible. This will serve as a motivational tool and a reminder for when you forget to tithe or get discouraged.