How to Text After the First Date

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The real test is over: you built up the strength and courage to ask someone out on a date, and now that the date’s over, you can breathe a sigh of relief…at least for a minute. Now you have to worry about when and how to communicate with the other person. Considering a 2009 AT&T survey revealed that 68 percent of responders sent a love message via text, sending a text after your first date is a good way to keep the excitement going and possibly pave the way for a second date.

man texting his date
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Send a text message a day or two after your first date ends. You’ve already said your goodbyes the night of the date, so texting right after the date ends may send signals of desperation. Wait any longer than a day or two and you’ll indicate you’re not that interested in the other person.

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Include a simple greeting in the first text message and reiterate you enjoyed the date. For example, a text message that includes “Hey, how are you? I had a great time the other night,” will suffice.

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Play off of the other person’s text messages. There’s no boilerplate you can paste as your response message. If the other person seems tentative and shy, try to ask something that requires more than a one word answer, such as “What was your favorite part of the movie?” or anything that applies to your date.

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Write flirty messages. If you only stick to talking about the weather or other mundane subjects, you’re not showing interest in the other person. While you don’t want to come out and say “I think you’re gorgeous,” saying that the other person looked good in her blue dress or in his dark jeans is a subtle way of showing interest.

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