Are you worried about World War 3 and your chances of survival? Some say World War 3 has already begun and others say it is still on the horizon. If you want to be safe during World War 3, then read this article.

First, analyze your location. Will your country be a combatant in World War 3? If so, you may want to consider moving to a safer place. For example, it is unlikely that places of little geopolitical importance will see much action in World War 3. Some parts of Asia and many parts of South America will probably remain unscathed. However, the Middle East and possibly parts of Europe, Asia and North America could suffer during World War 3.

After you have analyzed your location, decide if it is safe. If so, then stay put. If your current location is in a combatant nation, you may want to consider moving to a safer part of the globe.

Start preparing food storage, clean water and any other supplies you would need if life were disrupted by a massive war. You may not have electricity and the supermarkets could be closed.

Prepare a hiding place in a remote location, far from military bases, nuclear silos and large population centers. This will be your safe haven if war comes to a neighborhood near you.

Get some potassium iodide pills to help protect from radiation poisoning. Also try to create a bunker with plenty of shielding from radiation.

Try to learn the language of any of the victorious nations. If you think China will win World War 3, then learn some Mandarin. If you think Russia, then learn Russian. If you think the Anglo-American nations will win World War 3, then be sure to speak English. This will come in handy because if you can work as an interpreter for foreign powers, you will have guaranteed safety, work, and food.