The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds all living creatures including human beings, animals and plants. In fact, some people believe that the aura surrounds all matter including inanimate objects. The aura of one being can affect that of another. A person who has a weak aura may feel the pull of someone who has a strong aura. That pull may leave a person with a weak aura feeling drained. People who sap the energy of someone elses aura may be referred to as emotional vampires. A strong aura can be used to heal, attract, protect or even influence others. The energy of the aura may be used in positive or negative ways but it is important to use such energy positively as it may have dire consequences to the user as well as others when used in a negative manner. It is important to strengthen your aura in order to protect yourself against those who may try to sap your energy. A strong aura can keep also keep you healthy and happy. You may suffer from ill health and lack of energy if your aura is weak. Learn how to strengthen your aura and keep it that way.

Use positive affirmations to keep your aura strong and healthy. Choose affirmations that resonate with your spirit and feel comfortable to you. Repeat them daily.

Eat a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. A poor diet can cause your aura to become weak. A proper diet will strengthen the aura naturally.

Meditate 2 to 3 times per week. Meditation can help keep the aura strong. Use whatever form of meditation that works best for you. Experiment with several different meditation techniques until you find the one best for you then mediate often for a strong aura.

Get outdoors and connect with nature. Being in a natural setting will help to balance and strengthen your aura. You need fresh air and natural sunlight to keep your aura healthy. Make it a regular practice to get outside and enjoy nature as often as possible. It also helps to bring nature indoors by adding plants to your environment. They make lovely additions to your home as well as your office. Open windows and drapes to let fresh air and sunshine indoors.

Get plenty of exercise to strengthen your aura. Your aura increases and expands when you are active. Strengthen your aura with exercise.

Avoid alcohol and drugs, both of which can weaken and diminish your aura.

Eliminate negative habits and reduce stress levels. Negative thoughts and behavior as well as high stress levels can be disastrous to the aura.

Listen to music that restores and invigorates your spirit and aura. You'll know the type of music to listen to simply by the way it makes you feel. If it agitates or stimulates you too much it is the wrong type of music. If it comforts you and makes you feel happy or relaxed then by all means listen to it. The right type of music can strengthen your aura whereas the wrong type of music can weaken it. Choose your music wisely.

Carry crystals on your person such as in a pocket. Place them in your environment such as in various places around your home and on your desk. Crystals can help to magnify and strengthen your aura.

Cleanse, balance and strengthen your aura through visualization. Visualize a pure white light moving down through each of the chakras. You can do this by starting at the crown chakra and moving down through each of the chakras. Once the white light has moved through each chakra visualize the white light surrounding and penetrating your entire being until you see the entire energy field of your aura glowing around your body like a halo.