Australia Post...they deliver.

Plan on sending mail to Australia? The United States Postal Service can help you out getting the mail out of the country; but what about at the other end? Did you know that most Australian zip codes are only four numbers; an coincide with zip codes on the east coast of the USA? Want to know how to get your mail to the right person "down under"?

Forget about doing this from home--the best place to start your transport is at the Post Office. You will need their documentation so take the item to the Post Office or Postal Annex with plenty of time to spare.

Ensure your mail is addressed appropriately for delivery. That means the return address is on the back. It also means that the format for the delivery address is aligned as follows.


More items go astray before leaving the USA because the zip code is thought to be a domestic mail service.

Sign and date a customs declaration. No declaration--no delivery. The US Postal Service will advise based on dimensions of the letter or package if a declaration is needed. Declarations are not needed for Christmas Card Only mail but may be required for letters above 4 oz.

Insure all items of value. On larger parcels, break up into smaller units for ease of shipping. At a certain point the Postal Service will be unable to ship your consignment, and you'll have to resort to another carrier such as UPS or Fedex.

If possible, advice the addressee of when you shipped. Email or a telephone call works best. Remember that Australia is generally a day ahead of the USA.