How to Send a Psychic Message. Telepathy is the ability to send and receive messages without the use of words or contact with another person. It involves the use of extra sensory perception. The receiver of your message automatically knows your true intent because, without words, your message is direct and cannot be misunderstood. With practice, you can send any type of message you wish telepathically, including a message to your loved one. Read on to learn more.

Prepare Your Mind For Psychic Messages

Learn to meditate. Meditation slows the mind and helps you become more aware of subtle psychic impressions.

Release any blockages you may have, like fear, skepticism and self-doubt.

Hold the belief that you can send a psychic message.

Practice Exercises In Telepathy

Have your friend choose something to think about without telling you what it is. Sit quietly and wait for any images or thoughts to pop into your mind. Ask your friend if that is what she was thinking about.

Have your friend sit in front of you. Close your eyes and ask simple questions to which you don't know the answers.

Have your friend will answer non-verbally by a shake or nod of the head. Concentrate and try to see your friend responding in your mind.

Send A Loving Psychic Message

Clear your mind of other thoughts that have nothing to do with the message you would like to send. Any chatter in your mind will hinder your concentration and will not help you achieve your goal. Decide on the type of message you would like to send and get your thoughts together.

Close your eyes and focus your thoughts on the person you are sending a psychic message to. Try to see a picture of this person in your mind.

Think loving thoughts. Feel your heart swell with loving feelings. Imagine these loving thoughts and feelings as a warm light.

Imagine the warm light traveling to your loved one and gently enveloping her. See this person in your mind happily receiving your loving thoughts and sending you loving thoughts in return.

Learn more about how to send a psychic message. Read "Telepathy: How to Use Your Power of ESP" by Tom Pearson (see Resources below).


  • Sharpen your ability to focus by carefully studying the details of things around you. The ability to focus will help you receive psychic messages.