How to Read the Bible in a Year. The Bible is arguably one of the most important texts of all time. Many scholars have a desire to read it all the way through; some wish to read it multiple times. These are lofty goals, and to achieve them, one must have a plan. One of the most common strategies for reading the Bible is to read it completely in a single year. Following you will find a few strategies for achieving this goal.

Open your Bible and see how many pages there are, not including end sections such as an index or concordance. The number of pages the Bible has will depend on the version you are reading, font size or other "extra" writings such as devotionals. Divide the number of readable pages by 365. This is the number of pages you need to read every day. Alternately if you want to give yourself a day off each week, divide the number of pages you need to read by 313 (365 - 52; 52 represents one day of each week of the year). Typically, with this strategy you would start with Genesis and go straight through to Revelation.

Read by chapters. There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible. Divide these chapters by 365 to see that you need to read 3.25 chapters per day, or divide by 313 if you plan to take a day off per week (3.8 chapters per day). With this strategy, you can start in Genesis and go straight through to Revelations, or you can part of your daily chapters starting in Genesis and the rest of your daily chapters starting in Matthew. You will be simultaneously reading the Old and New Testaments, but you are still reading in chronological order by Testament. With this strategy, your daily readings will be of dissimilar lengths since some chapters are longer than others.

Divvy up the books of the Bible. There are 66 books in the Bible. According to this number, you should read 5.5 books per month. You can read as many or as few pages as you like per day as long as you read 5.5 books in a month's time, or you can divide the number of pages in each month's chapters by the number of days in each month to get a standard daily reading amount. With this strategy you can read either chronologically through or pick books of the Bible at random.

Use a reading strategy off the Internet. Theologians have come up with reading plans based on similar themes. These plans may not be chronological and might pull from chapters throughout the Bible, but you still will read the whole Bible in a year.