Read Palms by Hand Types

Palmistry (also known as chiromancy) is the art of "reading" a person's palms in order to gain insight on certain personality traits and life experiences. Some claim that the lines and bumps on hands also provide a glimpse at the future. Whether or not you actually believe in palm reading, it is a fun and unique skill to learn. Plus, it's a great party trick that will help you stand out from the crowd!

FINGERS: Short fingers denote impulsiveness, unconventionality, and brains. Fingers short and clumsy denote selfishness. Long fingers denote a love of detail in everything. Knotty fingers denote a philosophic mind, one who takes thing calmly.

NAILS: If the nails are long, it denotes that the person in not very robust in health. Long nails, wide at the top, denote bad circulation. Long-nailed people are easy-tempered and gentle; it generally denotes a fondness for the arts. Short nails denote the person is very critical, with a keen sense of humor, and eye for the ridiculous, quick in temper, apt to be skeptical. White spots on the nails denote ill-health. Half moons at the base of the nails denote good circulation.

PALMS: Full, soft palms denote hot-bloodedness. Thin, hard palms denote cold-bloodedness, nervousness, timidity. Hollow palms denote that the person will or has met great disappointments.

THUMBS: The supple-jointed thumb denotes extravagance. The firm-jointed thumb denotes thriftiness, stubborn determination, self-control, sense of justice. When the thumb has a waist-like appearance in the middle joint it denotes tact.

The CONIC hand denotes impulsiveness, artistic temperament.

The PHILOSOPHIC hand denotes great reverence, love of things mystical, reserved.

The SQUARE hand with longish fingers denotes respect for law and order, persistency, practical and undemonstrative nature.

The MIXED hand denotes versatility, love of change, enthusiasm, a taste for new ideas, progressiveness; but unless these characteristics are held in place by the fortune of the rest of the hand, the owner is likely to lack steadfastness of purpose, taking things up today and dropping them tomorrow.

The ARTISTIC hand (largely found among ladies) denotes having high ideals, that they are unpractical, loving, sincere, dainty, strong in friendship.

The SPATULATE hand is one of the commoner forms. It denotes versatility, energy, ability, dislike of conventionality, and their greatest fault is a lack of steadfastness of purpose.

The COMMON hand (which is really the square hand with very short stumpy finger) belongs to the lowest type of humanity. People who have this kind of hand are phlegmatic, animal in their instincts, brutal in their desires, having very little brains, and no imagination. Beauty, color, or music do not appeal to them.