St.Michael's purpose is to fight against all evils and protect the souls of man against the devil. This spell is great if you think that someone has done or is trying to do harm. *GREAT FOR PROTECTION*

Before you start this please make sure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed. concentration is very important.. Your positive energy is needed and most important you FAITH.... in what you do.. cause we all have the power....

Take pull red pull out candle out of glass.

The wick from the candle will be coming out from the pointed end and on the other end is the flat side of the candle where a little metal plate will be holding the other end of the wick.

Now ... take the wick out from the candle and thread it through the opposite end of the candle. The wick should be coming out from the flat side and the metal plate should be on the pointed side of the candle.

what you are trying to achieve here is that all spells or evil done to you to turn around right back where it came from....yea baby......

Now on your right hand you are going to put 9drop of St.Michael's oil and anoint the candle starting from your end which is where the metal plate is now to where the wick is going to be lit.. what you are trying to achieve here is that as you anoint you are also sending away all evil..

remember to concentrate on what you are doing.. think of a positive light that will be entering your home and how all evil will be leaving you and your home..

when you are done put the candle back in the glass..Also prepare the bowl with water where you will be placing the candle in. Place it where it wont be disturbed until the candle burns out. You will then light the candle while saying the revocation prayer..

Saint Michael Archangel,as you are the person in charge of all the works in the world, I implore ou at this solemn hour and day, seize this time so that you will see the light, candle, and work. Come sorcery and corruption and revoke yourselves in my body. The flesh and blood of my enemy should treat me well. Let my enemies suffer as Jesus suffered on the Cross, bitterness, torment,kicks and slaps. Let him go into desolate world. Let him take the three falls that Jesus took until he comes to my home asking pardon for his sins. The stars in Heaven bear witness to my pleas. So be it. Amen

When you are done saying the prayer take a minute and concentrate on what you have prayed for.

Place the candle on the spot you have planned for it to be undisturbed until it is consumed.