One of the most interesting and rewarding disciplines in Christian worship is preparing to lead a bible study. Leading a bible study has many variables to take into account. You have to consider age, gender, spiritual background and so on. You want to bless the class by giving them more than just facts. Teaching practical truth to apply to your life and to the class members lives should be the goal of leading a bible study. So let's look at some ways to prepare to lead a bible study.

Pray for God's cleansing and forgiveness for yourself and for the class. Pray that God gives you understanding. Pray for the class to be receptive and responsive to the lesson according to the will of God. Ask others to pray with and for you as you prepare to lead a bible study.

Read the entire chapter of the lesson text to see the lesson in context. Read the chapters before and after the lesson chapter. Read these 3 chapters several times as you prepare to lead a bible study. Be listening for the Holy spirit to speak to you at all times.

After this begin noting people, places and dates in the lesson. Study these characters, locations and time periods from cross references in the bible. As you prepare to lead a bible study, try to understand the literal and symbolic meaning of these people, locations and times.

Next, look for special words and phrases in the bible text. Also make note of repeated special words and unique phrases in the text. You can mark these words with symbols to make them stand out. For example, you can draw a cloud around the phrase Holy Spirit, or a cross beside the word Christ. Look for a list of these symbols in your bible or develop your own symbols.

Use the dictionary, commentary and concordance to study the items that you listed and marked from the steps above. You may have seen a theme by now. If so, look for three main thoughts from the lesson to develop that theme. Then, find at least three thoughts to develop each of those topics.

Plan to manage time in the class. Assign an amount of time to each point of the outline. The total of your assigned times should be equal to the total class time or less.