How to Predict the Future. If there's one psychic power that's worth having, it's the ability to predict the future. Just think of the possibilities that could come from such a great skill. You could predict who would win the Super Bowl, buy winning lottery tickets and never again be stuck out in a rainstorm without an umbrella. Yes, being able to predict the future would be a whole lot of fun. Read on to learn more.

Look for patterns. Predicting the future is all about understanding patterns and cycles in life. If you've seen the neighbor's dog trying to dig out of the backyard every day for a month, you can safely predict that eventually that dog will end up with his face plastered on posters because he got out of the yard and went missing.

Learn about the past. You can usually tell what a person will do in a certain situation, based on what she has done in the past. If you have a girlfriend who has trouble staying in a relationship for longer than a month or two, you can predict that her new boyfriend probably won't make it to month three.

Practice reading people. Most people give off little clues to the outside world about what they're thinking and what's troubling them. If you pay close enough attention, you can make a prediction about what will happen next. If your neighbor at the café is constantly looking at his watch, you can predict that he's waiting for someone.

Guess. The majority of predictions are yes or no answers. Either it's going to rain, or it's going to be sunny. So, even if you end up guessing, you have a 50 percent chance of being right.


  • Just because you think you can predict the future, it doesn't give you the right to open up a psychic hotline.