Pray for your husband's fidelity.

Withstanding infidelity in marriage is a strenuous and emotional time for both partners involved. Although infidelity often causes marriages to break up, your husband's infidelity doesn't have to mean divorce. Prayer can help you through this tough time, and praying for your husband can help bring honesty and courage back into his heart to stop his infidelity. Praying by yourself and with others will strengthen your prayers and will reach your husband more effectively.

Pray for guidance from God to give you strength and wisdom through this time of trial. Pray that God will give you the knowledge and the wisdom to deal with the situation in an appropriate way, and that God will watch over you as you work through your troubles. Pray for your husband to receive guidance and wisdom in his situation.

Pray for the honesty of your cheating husband. Pray that he can find the honesty within himself to come forward and ask for help for his infidelity from you, your spiritual leader, family members or friends. Pray that God can instill within him an honor and commitment to your marriage and that he will choose to turn away from other women and come to you instead.

Ask others to pray for you and your husband. You don't need to mention that he is cheating on you. Explain that you and your husband are going through a difficult time and that you hope the prayers from your friends, family, congregation members and community can help the two of you through this difficult time. If you feel comfortable telling others about your husband's infidelity, explain the situation and ask those who are close to you to pray that your husband will have the courage and strength to stop his wrongdoings and commit himself to your marriage.

Talk to a spiritual leader such as a pastor or priest and ask him to pray for your marriage. A spiritual leader can provide you with advice, comfort and resources to make this time easier for you. Ask your spiritual leader to pray for your husband and pray that God can help him see that his ways are wrong.