How to Organize a Protest in Washington, D.C.. There is this huge misconception that only large national organizations are able to conduct a march or protest in the District of Colombia, but in reality, anyone can. The problem is that many people do not know where to start. The information is not available through the Washington, D.C. website. Follow the guidelines below, however, and you can conduct a protest or march in Washington with ease.

Start planning at least three months ahead of your anticipated march. Permits are approved within 48 hours but you can submit them up to a year or more in advance. The earlier you start, the better.

Contact the National Parks Permit Office by calling (202) 619-7225. Ask them to fax you a permit application.

Visit the Dcpages website for a map of the District of Colombia. Determine the protest gathering point, march route and rally area. Print the map by hitting the ¨Print Screen¨ button on the keyboard. Use a yellow highlighter to plot out the different protest points on the map.

Call the National Parks Permit Office again; Ask them for the availability dates on the gathering location, march route and rally point. Once they have confirmed availability, proceed to fill out the entire application.

Make sure to specify the estimated number of people participating in the protest and the main contact person. That person must sign and date the application.

Make a copy of the application and the highlighted map for your records.

Mail the original application and highlighted map to: National Parks Permit Office, Room 128, 1100 Ohio Drive Southwest, Washington, District of Colombia 20242.

Wait about a week for a National Parks Agent to call. This agent will be specifically assigned to your organization for the permit application process. Have the agent give you her direct extension for further questions and information.

Provide the agent with any additional information he may need to approve the permit. Ask him to fax you the approved permit immediately and mail the original back to you.

Start campaigning for participants with your permit in hand. The National Parks Permit Office will take care of notifying the District of Colombia Police and other city organizations that require special events notification. It's that simple!