How to Obtain Mexican Citizenship. The Mexican citizenship application process is relatively easy. Just be prepared to fill out a lot of paperwork and to sit and wait patiently. Here is how to get the citizenship process rolling.

Move to Mexico. Before you can even begin the citizenship process you have to legally reside in Mexico for five years. You can prove your legal status and residency through your FM-3 document.

Start studying. According to Mexican law, every citizen must be able to speak Spanish and have basic knowledge of Mexican history. However, a basic ability to speak Spanish usually suffices as the government rarely administers the written test.

Hire a lawyer. The application processes can be frustrating and burdensome. If you check the wrong box or turn a form in at the wrong time, you could find yourself back at square one. By hiring an attorney who specializes in immigration to Mexico, you can have an experienced professional jump through the right hoops for you.

Get familiar with the Immigration and Naturalization office. It is here that you will start creating your paper trail. Set up an appointment and have the official walk through the entire process with you. Be sure you are clear on what documents you are required to have at the initial meeting and thereafter.

Fill out your forms and deliver them to the local immigration office with the appropriate accompanying documents. Have a copy of your passport and several photographs ready to submit with the forms.

Write your check. Becoming a citizen is not cheap. You will be required to make several payments during the process.

Be patient. After all your forms are filed, be prepared to wait up to two years. The government will review everything and contact you with their decision.