How to Make Yourself Look Hot

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Almost anyone can look hot. In fact, look at models and celebrities. We've seen photos of them without make-up on. They look like normal, everyday people. Then, when the make-up is splashed on, they look like beautiful super models. You, too, can look your hottest with a few alterations. Most of hotness comes from the inside. The confidence you exude shines through your skin as hotness.

1 Flip through magazines

Flip through magazines, and glance at pictures of your favorite celebrities. Look for the most beautiful hair style, and splurge on a new hair do for yourself. A new haircut can do a lot for your face. Not only does it bring you up to date, it can also highlight your positive facial features.

2 Buy a new wardrobe

Buy a new wardrobe. If buying a brand new wardrobe is too expensive, stick to one complete outfit. In fact, one pair of great fitting jeans with one hot shirt and pair of shoes should do the trick. Ask a salesperson to help you find a great outfit. Salespeople are always up to date on the latest trends and styles.

3 Sit in the sun

Sit in the sun and let yourself tan. Some may warn you to stay out of the sun because it's bad for your skin. Well, it may not be great for your skin, but it does make you look hot. If you really don't want to get a natural tan, try a spray tanning salon. Tanned men and women look hot. Don't sacrifice your own health for this, however. Always use sunscreen.

4 Pull your shoulders back

Pull your shoulders back. Start holding your head high when you walk. Once you walk around with your new haircut, tanned bod, and new outfit, you will already feel more confident. Exude that confidence with the way you walk. Members of the opposite sex love confidence.

5 Look people

Look people straight in the eye when you talk. Be sure to smile a lot. Another way to show your confidence is to use eye contact. In fact, a woman is a sucker for a man who looks her straight in the eye. Yes, you are now certifiably hot.