Express your love with custom stationery.

You can buy beautiful but expensive stationery at office supply stores; you can even download free printable stationery templates online. But if you have a flair for design and want to make your own stationary, all you need is a high-quality color printer and bond paper. Having a scanner is a plus if you want to draw the designs you will use on the card.

Make a file folder of images that you have either drawn yourself or procured from royalty-free clip art sources. If you have a scanner, use it to scan hand-drawn pictures and motifs. Save the scans into your folder.

If you don't have a scanner, but want to make your own drawings, use an image creation program such as Corel or Photoshop to make stationery designs. Save the images in your file folder.

Once you have a good collection of images to put on you stationery, open up a blank page in the image editing program. Drag and drop pictures from your file folder onto the blank page.

Arrange elements along the borders and corners to frame the body of the text. You can add personal touches, such as "From the desk of [your name]" or put a signature at the bottom.

Make ruled stationary by adding faint lines across the page, if you desire. When you are satisfied with the colors and composition, save the image.

Fill your printer with high-quality bond paper in white or pastel colors. Light gray and taupe are also good colors for homemade stationery. Make sure your printer has enough ink, and print.

Things Needed

  • ['Scanner', 'Image editing software', 'Printer', 'Bond paper']


  • Order a sample of the bond paper and test it on your printer to ensure compatibility.

    You can make the stationery any size you like up to the size of the paper you're printing on.