How to Live in a Small Travel Trailer

Organizing the living space will help with the amount of space available.

Living in a small space is not ideal for everyone, but with some concentrated effort, it's manageable. Small travel trailers do not give individuals much space, so individuals have to utilize every inch. Limited number of occupancy, organization and minimizing are the the keys to successful living in a small travel trailer. The positive side to such a confined living space is the cost savings.

Downsize your belongings. Minimize the amount of clothes you have. Downsize your desktop computer, television and DVD player to a notebook computer.

Organize your clothes in Tupperware drawers. Put your shoes in a hanging rack on a door. Keep your books and knickknacks on a bookshelf.

Keep things in their place. Do not let things get unorganized. Your space quickly will become filled with clutter.

Clean your travel trailer regularly. Clean the dishes, clean dirty laundry and take out trash every day to avoid bad odors.

Maintain your trailer to keep it functioning. Make sure the plumbing stays working, building a car port to protect it from bad weather and check the wiring seasonally to make sure it is not faulty.