The Patriot Guard is an organization formed to show respect for fallen military service members, their families and their communities. Because groups and organizations exist that choose to disrupt military service member's funerals by protesting; the Patriot Guard Riders shield the mourners attending funerals or memorial services.

Anyone interested in respectfully honoring military service members is eligible to join the Patriot Guard. The organization emphasizes the need to respect those individuals who serve our country, especially the service members that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Because of the great interest in the Patriot Guard, the organization has branched out into additional volunteer ventures. A Patriot Guard group is now coordinating a scholarship fund for dependants of soldiers killed in combat. The Patriot Guard also provides send-offs and welcome homes for our deploying and returning service members.

Motorcycles of all varieties are welcome, and there are no strict requirements regarding them. The Patriot Guard does not even have a requirement that members own or ride motorcycles.

Veterans and non-veterans are welcome to join.

Members attending a funeral to shield mourners from protesters through strictly legal and non-violent means.

There are no dues to join the Patriot Guard. It is a free organization; therefore, it is run by volunteers. There are no formal meetings. Events are publicized on a website.

Participating in activities with the Patriot Guard is a gift of respect. Those individuals able to give this gift are much appreciated by the military service members and their families.

If you are interested in joining, simply visit the website and sign up. Log on to your state website and introduce yourself. There you will meet others involved in this group and learn about events in your state.


  • Meet and contact other members of the group through the Internet forum.