How to Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

How to Identify Strengths & Weaknesses
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Learning the positives and negatives about yourself requires that you look at yourself in an objective manner. Honesty is a requirement in the search to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Answering this riddle can help you move from a life mired by continuous struggle to a focused and successful one.

Things that you like to do will often be strengths simply because you will spend more time focusing on and practicing them.
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Think about what attracts you. Strengths are often more difficult to identify than weaknesses, and one of the first things that indicates a personal strength is your level of attraction. Things that you like to do will often be strengths simply because you will spend more time focusing on and practicing them.

Test out your abilities.
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Test out your abilities. Try different activities such as sports or school or work projects, giving your best effort each time. Personality graphing tests can also give you insight on your positive and negative abilities. The broader the spectrum of new activities you attempt, the more data you have on which to base a conclusion.

Graph your progress honestly
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Graph your progress honestly. Without attaching to results or interpretations, take note of your aptitudes. Write down the things you enjoy doing and feel are strengths in yourself. Also note weaknesses. Draw from your personal experience, whether successes or failures. Pulling out some of your old accomplishments or awards will help lead you in a positive direction.

Analyze your findings. Asking yourself about specific tasks will yield more information. Sort out and categorize the information you've collected. Making a leap of improvement in a short amount of time or receiving accolades for your efforts would indicate strengths. If you have put consistent effort into something and haven't seen improvement or you notice that your desire to do something is lacking, consider these areas as weaknesses.

Obtain a second opinion.
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Obtain a second opinion. Seek the objective opinions of others on things you can improve on and things you excel at. Teachers and bosses are good places to start; these people have a bird's-eye view of your actions on a regular basis and can offer useful feedback.