How to Get Knighted

Once upon a time, knighthood was reserved for war heroes, royalty or individuals in the military. The types of individuals knighted and awarded by The Queen and Royal Family, can vary greatly between scholars, artists, musicians, and even movie actors. You don't need to be a British Royal subject to get knighted. But, here you will find tips on how to get knighted and other Royal awards.

Become a diplomat. Individuals who perform acts or services that benefit the masses, particularly in the UK. Those who have helped and contributed to the betterment and welfare of the Kingdom are often candidates for knighthood. Men and women both are eligible for knighthood. Knighted women are given the title dame.

Know that the using the titles sir and dame before a name is usually only acceptable for British and UK citizens. Foreign recipients of knighthood are given honorary knighthood instead.

Try for the Order of Merit. The Order or Merit can only be given by the Royal Monarch. Scientists, philanthropists, artists and those involved in learning and teaching have all been recognized with the title. Past Order or Merit recipients include Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale.

Nominate a person at the Cabinet Office Ceremonial Secretariat in London. British nationals can be nominated for awards ranging from public service to private individuals. The Cabinet website for honours includes downloadable forms for nominating.

Be a volunteer. The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service is offered to individuals and groups who have show exemplary devotion in the field of volunteering and social welfare.


  • Individuals usually get knighted by the Queen, but she may authorize other Royal Family members to act on her behalf.