If you have ever wanted to get into the political arena NOW is the time. Read on to find actual specifics on how to get your start in the world of politics.

Many candidates are looking for people to work in their political campaigns NOW!!! This Summer begins the time - one year in advance of the next big campaign season that candidates start making decisions about whether they want to run again or not and if so, who they will have on their campaign team. They will be looking for people with energy who are driven to learn and work hard.

If you are considering running for political office, look for open seats which will be vacated by someone whose term is over and cannot run again based on term limits, look for someone who is retiring, or someone who will be seeking higher office. Visit with anyone in those three categories, express your interest in running, or working in a campaign and seek their advice. Trust me, no one in elective office will fail to offer their advice. Take it all, then decipher which you want to keep and which you want to ignore. It never hurts to know too much. Ask them the requirements of the job, what they would do differently if they had it to do over, what requirements are necessary, what campaign staff positions will be needed, etc.

If you want to run, start organizing a campaign team. If you want to work on a campaign, start putting your name out there and visiting with any potential candidate who best represents your values and beliefs. Do not sale out who or what you are to get into the political arena or you'll be doing it the rest of your life.