How to Get a Permit for a Protest. A peaceful demonstration or assembly can be a productive way to express what we feel is wrong in our government. While such a protest is considered a part of our first amendment rights, most cities do require a permit in an effort to help avoid traffic and crowd problems. Use these steps to learn the basic procedures for getting a permit to protest in your city.

Gather the appropriate information for getting the permit to protest. You will need an estimate of how many people are going to show up. You need to know the area you will be in or the route you are walking. You will need a time frame, though most jurisdictions have this already established.

Call your city offices with the details of your protest including the date and start time. You will have to fill out an application ahead of time and pay a fee.

Inform those involved in the protest of the city ordinances and laws surrounding a demonstration. Most cities do not allow you to block traffic, doorways and other areas that interrupt business or the general flow of the public moving around your city.

Carry a copy of your permit on you the day of the protest. Call the city the day before to ask about any last minute changes or requirements to make sure you are in full compliance.


  • Advise all of your protest members to act appropriately. While it may get more attention to cause a stir, you could be arrested if you act inappropriately.


  • Never endanger anyone that may be trying to walk or drive by. If they aren't responding to your cause or talking to you, leave them alone.