How to find a printable doctor excuse

Now I'm not one for cutting corners, but every now and again it may become necessary to get one of those doctor's excuses when there's no doctor around to supply one. I'm not suggesting you abuse this, but if your really are sick or need to take the time off from work or school for something important, here is how to find printable doctor excuses.

If there's no friend or family member who can help you out or you really need a realistic doctor's excuse, there are sites on the internet available to help you out. A lot of them!

Like anything else, people will help you out if they can make a buck at it. Sites like Best Fake Doctors Notes, Alibi Network, Printable Doctors Excuses and Novelty Excuses (links listed below) are just some of the sites offering to help you out. Expect blasting music and loud graphic design to announce these sites, and you will have a fee to pay, but they will generate some pretty good looking doctor excuses. Alibi Network has the most impressive, but they also have the most impressive fees! Still, "you get what you pay for"!

Chances are you can get away with using a fake doctor excuse once or even twice, but if you abuse the trick, you are likely to get caught. So save the printable doctor excuses for those rare and really good reasons for taking time off! For more information on printable doctor excuses and sites that offer them, please check the Resources below.