How to Find an Inmate in Texas Prison

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Texas has one of the country's largest prison systems with a massive population. However, if you need to seek out one of the inmates, it is not impossible. The state's system is well organized. A database has been created to categorize prisoners in a searchable manner. By taking some simple steps online, you can find the imprisoned person that you are in search of.

1 Use your browser

Use your browser to visit the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) website. A link to this website is provided below.

2 Click General Information

Click "General Information" and then "Offender Information" on the homepage of the TDCJ website. This will bring you to a new page.

3 Click General Offender Information

Click "General Offender Information Only." This will lead you another page.

4 Click Online Offender Search .''

Click "Online Offender Search." This will lead you to the offender search page.

5 Enter the name

Enter the name, age, race, sex and any other information requested on the search page. This is enough information to complete a search. However, if you also have the inmate's number, the results will be more specific. Click the "Submit" button. This will bring up a list of inmates matching your search. Scan the list to find the inmate you are looking for.

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