Suppliers use customers' HC route box information for mail service.

Highway contract routes are box deliveries similar to rural route services. A private firm or individual will make a contract agreement with the postal service for delivery and collection of mail from homes and businesses on these types f routes. HC routes are addressed on packages with the letters "HC" and the highway number, followed by the word "Box" and the mailbox number. HC route carriers provide similar services as rural route carriers, but are operated through a owner-operator supplier.

Process customer requests for service.(Reference 3, page 16, section 134.43) Contact the customer to verify that address information is correct concerning the region and route where the resident lives. File all requests for service changes and box relocations with the postmaster. (Reference 3, page 18, section 135.7)

Conduct surveys of contract box delivery routes for an accurate mail count. (Reference 3, page 14, section 134.271) Review and maintain a roster of customers and a route map that shows the residences, box locations and line of travel. (Reference 3, page 12, section 134.14)

Use available address information system products from the United States Postal Service to obtain detailed address information. (Reference 2, paragraph 1) Drive the route as you locate customer boxes on the right side of the road in the direction of travel. Residents with HC route boxes must keep the area around the mailbox clear of any obstructions such as shrubbery and weeds to receive mail. (Reference 3, page 18, section 135.7)