How to Find a Catholic Church in Your Area

Catholic Church

Wondering if there is a Catholic church in your area? More than likely, there is one close to you. It just takes a little sleuthing to find one if you're new to the area or haven't been to Mass recently. Large cities have multiple Catholic churches, while some small town might share a church with several smaller towns nearby. Thus, how close a Catholic church is to you really depends. Here's how to find a Catholic Church in your area.

Ask your Catholic neighbors or friends for directions. Anyone with a statue of Mary, papal flag or children in Catholic school will more than likely be able to tell you where the nearest Catholic Church is located.

Check in your local phone book under Churches, Catholic or Churches, Roman Catholic. They both are the same thing, just different terms. Check the addresses listed to find the one closest to you.

Do an online search. ParishesOnline maintains a database of U.S. Catholic churches. You can also do a search by the name of your diocese to pull up your diocesan website, which will have a list of the churches in your area.

Go for a walk in the downtown area of your city or town. Look for steeples with crosses and read the signs to determine which church is the Catholic one.