How to Do Akashic Record Reading

Explore the akashic records to find some of the answers you seek

Known as the Book of Life in the fields of metaphysics, spirituality and religion, the akashic records hold the history of the entire universe and every soul that ever lived. There are a variety of methods you can try in order to develop your spiritual sight whether you want to read the akashic records for yourself or as a service for others. Although it may take time to hone your psychic abilities so that your readings are detailed and accurate, your efforts will not go to waste because spiritual attunement is a gift that will come in handy for the rest of your life.

Learn more about the akashic records in order to better understand the process of giving readings. One source you can look up is the work of Edgar Cayce, who was known as the Sleeping Prophet. In a trance state, Cayce would tap into the akashic records and give readings to people who had health or life issues (see Resources for more information).

Meditate with a guided imagery program specifically meant for exploring the akashic records (see Resources for detailed steps). Choose a time and place where you will not be disturbed, as you will be entering an altered state of consciousness. Do this at least a few times a week to get yourself used to the exercise, especially if you are new to meditation. You may set the intention to better understand any aspect of your life---such as your health or perhaps your relationship challenges---but be open to receiving information other than that you are inquiring about. Do not try to dictate what you will experience in your meditation; you may receive guidance in the form of a vision just as easily as through the words of a disembodied voice. In any case, after each meditation write down your experiences in a journal especially reserved for your spiritual work.

Book a session or sessions with a respected hypnotherapist who can take you into an altered state of consciousness and work with you to explore the akashic records once you are in the necessary state of mind. This costs more than purchasing a self-hypnosis audio program as in Step 1 but is worth it if there are pressing issues you want to resolve as soon as possible. Look for someone who allows and even encourages you to take home a recording of your session so you can review it at any time.

Study with a reputable psychic or intuitive so that you can develop the ability to tap into the akashic records without listening to a self-hypnosis program. This will sharpen your own overall psychic sense and may open you up to doing other forms of readings, such as mediumship and angel readings.

Join a metaphysical group with members who are intent on developing their psychic skills. You may have to sit in on a few meetings before deciding which group is the best one for you. Even if the group you choose is more discussion-oriented rather than being hands-on with exercises designed to sharpen your psychic abilities, you will be kept up to date on the people, books and workshops that can help you on your quest to learn akashic record reading.

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