Are you regretting that break up with your ex? Do you wish that things could go back the way they were?

This spell is designed to do just that. Perform this love spell, and your ex will pop back into your life when you least expect it.

Cast a circle and begin focusing on your ex. Meditate on your relationship with him/her until you feel totally comfortable, and totally at ease.

Light the following candle colors: red (for passionate love), pink (for friendship and sweet love) black (to absorb the negativity from the breakup), white (to ensure purity in the newly created relationship) and yellow (the color of persuasion, to convince him/her to start afresh)

Say the following chant once the candles are lit:

"I didn't want to part, You are still within my heart. Without you, unhappy I'll be, I pray that you return to me. As I will it, So mote it be."

Continue meditating on your relationship (and on your ex's picture)until you feel that you are drained of energy. Put out the candles.

Sleep with your ex's picture underneath your pillow each night. Also allow the candles to burn one hour each evening until they are completely used up, or until he/she contacts you.