How to Cope With Losing Faith in God. It's hard not to look around at the condition of the world today or at our own life circumstances and sometimes start to lose faith in God. But there are things you can do to cope with losing your faith in God and maybe even start to reclaim it along the way.

Pray for God to renew your faith. Tell Him of your struggles, and know that He is anxious for you to come to Him so that He can help you.

Look for ways to help others less fortunate than you. Sometimes being reminded of how blessed we are helps us to not see our circumstances as quite so bleak, and it renews our faith in a loving God.

Remember the things you know to be true about God. Read your religion's holy book, and find passages about the character and nature of God. Reminding yourself that God hasn't changed might help you to cope with what's been causing you to lose your faith in God.

Accept the fact that the world is filled with hard times, but they can be made easier by putting your trust in God. Knowing that there is a higher power in control, when you feel very out of control, can be comforting.

Share your struggle with a respected friend or family member who shares the same faith. Everyone struggles at times with losing faith. They will help you to see the vast goodness of God, and pray for you as you find your way back.