Register in advance of elections so you'll be able to cast your vote.

When you move to a new state or town, you'll need to change your voter registration so that you can vote in local elections. This can usually be done in a variety of ways, such as filling out a registration card through the regular mail, using an online form to provide your information to the appropriate government agency or registering in person.

Fill out a mail-in application. These are generally available at your local post office, county elections offices and public libraries. Fill one out and include your new address. You can drop them off at your local voter registration office, or mail them in.

Change your registration in person at your local voter registration office. This may be a branch location of your county registrar's office. Simply fill out the form and hand it in.

Apply online. Go to your secretary of state's website or the website of your county's registrar. You should be able to find a link that will allow you to download and fill out an application using your computer. You may have to print it out and mail it in to your state election office, however, or hand-deliver it to your voter registration office.


  • Although each state has different voting regulations, in general you must be registered to vote at least three weeks before the election.

    Registering is not the same the voting, although you may be able to do both simultaneously if you choose to register in person.


  • Each state has different restrictions on who can register to vote. Check your state's elections homepage to see if you are eligible. In general, you must be over 18, a U.S. citizen and not a convicted felon.